Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art x 3

In Art x 3 we had to start, enhance, and end a work of art; however, instead of one piece of art, we had three separate ones.  I started out using transfers to get a background for the second person to work with.  They gave a good start to the piece, and I hope that it helped inspire the person who received my piece after me.

My First Contribution
My Second Contribution
What I Received

I received the piece on the left, and turned it into the piece on the right.  After I finished, it turned out as the picture below.  We all went for something different, but the person after me was able to take both of our ideas and create a finished product.

What I Received
The First Part

The next piece I received looked like the picture I provided on the right.  Before I received it, it looked like the picture on the left.  I was the third person to have this artwork, so it was going to be my finished piece.  When I was done covering, layering, and adding it turned out looking like the picture below.

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