Monday, March 17, 2014


As I grow older my curiosity lingers towards greater lengths than ever.  Currently, I have found myself wondering more and more about my grandmothers journey from the country of Ireland to the United States of America.  It was here that she met the love of her life and started a family with him.  However, it took a lot for my grandmother to give my grandfather a chance.
He was a bartender when she traveled here.  One day she sat on a stool and asked for a drink, but she got more than a drink.  Pick up lines that a "player" would use filled her ears.  She was anything but interested in him, but he was determined to see her more than to once.  The next move he made was to ask for her number.  Her brogue was strong, so she figured that if she spoke fast and with the thickest accent she had, then he would be unable to understand the seven numbers that came out of her mouth.
My grandmother felt successful that she finally got rid of the man, until she received a phone call.  After her hard work on trying to get rid of him, he bounced back to ask her out.  She would decline or have someone say she was not home, but he would only call again.  The cycle was never ending and the only way to stop it was to agree to go out with the guy.  After a month of this she hesitantly accepted his offer.
It was that date that made my grandmother realize she could give my grandfather a chance.  The date went better than she expected.  He was charming, charismatic, and a real gentleman; later becoming the love of her life.  They got married, moved in together, and had two girls.  Their kids went on to have four children in total.  This was all made possible because she finally agreed to go out with the bartender that hit on her.

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