Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Preparing for the Future

For me, remembering things has never been very easy.  I inherited this trait from my father, as we both struggle with remembering the simplest of tasks.  I have often been in a situation where my friends will talk about our childhood memories from the past, and I usually have no idea what they are talking about.
Creating this time capsule in art class will be able to recall the memories I have had from this year and the years before.  In it I have put many items in my time capsule, all of them being very small and light, but also containing memories that I can remember.  They create a timeline across my entire high school career.  Each item  holds meaning to me in both good and bad ways.

Hopefully, when I open the box in the future, the items will spark something in my mind.  This should be able to give me the recollection of the memories I wish to remember from my four years of attending high school.  As the decoration on the outside of my box gives off the mood of this years moments and represents the vibe of it all, the inside contents will hold a deeper meaning to me and will be kept private.
I am excited to see what I achieve in the next four years, and finally open up my time capsule.  The moments in the box will all replay in my mind as I go through each item.  All these memories can be shared and I can tell the old stories to new people, or retell them to those who were there.  This project is not only amusing presently, but it will also stick with me for years to come.  Creating the box will leave me with good memories for when I graduate from Haddon Township High School.

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